Founded in 2002, Tin Phat Viet Trading and Manufacturing Co., Ltd was initially known as a distribution center with capacity in the distribution of lubricants, car accessories, casing, gas, latex glass lenses … And petroleum business to serve customers across the country.




Our mission is to become a Distributor of quality products to customers, serving the best customers in the markets that the Company has. We not only guarantee to provide the best quality products. Reasonable price but also bring the sales and after sales service on the satisfaction of you. For this reason, Tin Phat has created a reputation brand, affirming its position in the development of society.




We has built up a team of dynamic people, high professional level, dedicated in the work. We always listen, analyze, understand the needs of customers and solve those needs optimally with the desire to bring satisfaction to your expectations. Tin Phat believes that each customer is a brick that builds the company’s value.

With the current development orientation and increasing speed of development in all aspects: sales, market share, human resources, brand value, quantity of products …, we are constantly opening Wide cooperation with many manufacturers are reputable brands at home and abroad. Partners are welcome on the basis of sustainable development, harmony of interests to bring the most effective effect for the parties. Bringing the company to new heights to meet the increasing requirements of Customers as well as ready in the same country integration.

Tin Phat sincerely thank customers have accompanied and supported us over the last time. With the motto “You are satisfied is our success“. Tin Phat wishes to receive more enthusiastic support of you!


is the mission of Tin Phat


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